IT Backup & Disaster Recovery

Not preparing for disaster is heading for disaster.


Data is the key to every organisation, no matter what industry your business operates within.

With storage volumes ever increasing, there is even more reason to ensure you adopt a robust backup solution so you never get caught out by data loss.

Most organisations will have an off site data backup facility that supports their Business continuity and Disaster recovery plans. With server virtualisation it’s easier and cheaper than ever to implement full server replication to an offsite location which had previously only been an option for larger enterprises. SGCom are pleased to offer a market leading Backup & Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solution that provides a fully managed solution that delivers on site hardware, connectivity and off-site data storage and replication, as a fully managed service, paid for on a monthly basis.

We work with all major backup software vendors and work closely with clients to choose the best solution for their organisation. So whatever your budget is we can provide your business with a backup solution you can rely on.

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