Spam Filtering

Reclaim control of your mailbox and stop spam cluttering your inbox. Our cloud based spam filtering products can help you achieve a clutter free mailbox.

Our spam filtering service provides offsite spam and antivirus mail filtering, stopping spam and virus emails allowing only the legitimate email messages get into your mailbox. This ensures that spam and virus emails never enter your network offering the highest level of protection.

SGCom MailProtect combines multiple award winning antivirus engines from disparate providers. Each of these is updated every 15 minutes to ensure that the window of vulnerability to new viruses is a short as possible. Our filtering also allows you to apply file type analysis and blocking which can, in combination with the anti-virus platform, decrease your exposure to new email borne threats to near zero.

SGCom MailProtect works with SMTP, POP3 and IMAP.

The ideal option is SMTP as messages are received instantaneously and contain much more information on which to perform analysis. This does require that the MX (Mail eXchanger) records within the DNS for your domain need to point to our hosted spam filter. Our experienced engineers will provide whatever help is necessary to aid with this change.

If SMTP is not an option or you are consolidating multiple legacy mail systems, perhaps migrating from mailboxes hosted with several ISPs, SGCom MailProtect can collect messages from one or more remote systems. This option can be applied either for an entire domain (often called multi-drop POP mailboxes) or for individual recipients.

Both of these options can be used in conjunction so that email can be received via a combination of SMTP or POP and passed through a common filtering policy before being delivered to your internal mail server.

When an incoming connection is received by SCGom MailProtect it is subject to a multi-layered scanning process in accordance with the configuration that has been set for the intended recipients of the message.

The message is checked with three separate anti-virus engines in parallel, our proprietary spam detection system which incorporates advanced spam countermeasures and bayesian analysis and then against three separate decoders to identify attachments by name and actual type; the latter prevents the sender from simply renaming a banned file to have a different file extension.

The modules which make up the scanning engine even analyse the SMTP and underlying TCP protocols used in delivering the message.

At each stage flagged messages can be handled in a number of ways including being discarded, quarantined, redirected or tagged such that your local systems can take appropriate action.

Finally, clean email is forwarded on to you, either by SMTP to your internal mail server or to a POP3 mailbox on the SGCom MailProtect platform.

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